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Woollen Mill Museum


Year 12 students were fortunate enough to visit the Woolen Mill ar Drefach-Felindre recently to see the economical and technological advances and their effect on the mill.  They were given a demonstration inside the factory and spoke with local residences that lived and worked in the mill's shadow.  Students enjoyed the experience so much that some revisited the mill as part of the bridging project.

Congratulations to the following are part of the bridging project between Ysgol Dyffryn Teifi, Penboyr School and the Woolen Mill Museum - Sioned Thomas, Manon Horscroft, Mathew Rollins, Teleri Evans, Cleo Preece, Chloe Fell, Mirain Thomas, Gwion Samson, Gareth Stevenson and Crwys Rees.  A pamphlet of year 12's work will be available at the mill when it opens its doors to primary school pupils.

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Blytheswood Care


Miss Laura Llewellyn and Miss Mair Jones's Welsh Baccalaureate groups have been exceptionally busy during the last few weeks as they collected over 40 boxes and £131.94 for Blythewood Care.  This project was part of their Working with Others and Community Participation Units, and was a very successful way of raising their awareness as responsible citizens.  Thank you very much to all who contributed.  A very heart-warming effort indeed!  More pictures in the gallery.

Newidiadau Economaidd a Thechnolegol


Daeth John B Lewis, Gwasg Gomer i siarad gyda Blwyddyn 12 yn ddiweddar am y newidiadau economaidd a thechnolegol sydd wedi digwydd dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf.  Bellach, mae cyfrifiaduron yn cael lle blaenllaw iawn yn y wasg, a'r mwyafrif o lyfrau yn cael eu hanfon yno trwy e-bost.  Cafwyd anerchiad ddiddorol am y siwrne y mae llyfr yn ei gymryd o ddechrau'r broses hyd y diwedd.


Christmas Boxes


Once again in 2012, pupils have taken part in the Blytheswood Care Christmas boxes campaign.  A variety of goods were collected from registration classes in order to send to children and the elderly in Western Europe.  Each year, the distributors are pleasantly surprised by the happiness a simple box can bring to the receiver.  Everyday items such as scarves, gloves, toothbrushes and toothpaste can bring much joy to the individuals in far away places.  Year 12 Welsh Baccalaureate pupils helped prepare the boxes as part of their community help.  £80 was also collected to send with the boxes.  Thanks to all who contributed in any way.


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